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The WGHA is proud to offer the AA/A High Performance Training Program (HPTP) which will commence for all AA and A Waterloo Ravens teams, players, coaches and staff from U11 to U18. HPTP is an expansion of the existing development partnership with the University of Waterloo focused on AA/A.

HPTP is a program that will unify the Waterloo Ravens’ AA and A representative programs with additional and exceptional coaching, skill development and mentoring opportunities. All U11 to U18 AA and A level teams and players will participate in this program and team coaches will work closely with HPTP staff in a way that integrates and evolves with team strategies and coaching needs during the season.

The HPTP has been jointly created in partnership with the University of Waterloo Warriors coaching, training and athletic staff - bringing the latest advances in the pursuit of sport and life achievements to bear to create an elite-level program for young female athletes. The Ravens U22AA Elite team coaches are closely involved in player identification, selection, player development and strategy and training development for all HPTP players and teams, and all HPTP coaches and staff are mentored by HPTP leaders.

The Ravens are committed to helping players achieve their fullest potential both on and off the ice and while with the Ravens and beyond - with an eye towards potential future goals players might have in the OWHA U22 Elite, USport, NCAA or elsewhere post-Ravens. We strive to bring out the best in every player athletically while instilling core values that will help them in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

HPTP has six (6) pillars:

Elite Hockey Skills Development

Advanced Hockey Strategy and Tactics

High Performance Strength & Conditioning

Competitive Athlete Mentors

Position Specific Training & Coaching

Individual Assessments & Development Planning

In addition, the HPTP includes Advanced Coach Training - including mentoring, team advice, practice planning, technology guidance, game & bench management training, game assessments and more to all HPTP coaches, and aligns all AA and A Ravens programs around a unified strategy towards advancing players to the correct level at the correct time and encouraging players to always compete at the best of their ability.  It is understood that players in HPTP are aspiring to the next level and players will be given opportunities to practice and play as appropriate up to the PWHL.

Players interested in learning more about the Waterloo Ravens HPTP contact: Waterloo Ravens’ Hockey Development Coordinator at [email protected], Dir of Rep Hockey [email protected], or the appropriate HPTP coach.



NOTE! The WGHA’s U22AA Elite team has supported 90+ players in advancing to post U22 Elite play in USport and US colleges. Of these, 32 advanced to NCAA Div 1, and 54 to USport teams. At the latest count more than 100 former Ravens players have advanced to collegiate play. The ultimate goal of HPTP is to continue to support our program athletes in their progression towards PWHL, USport, NCAA and beyond.

HPTP Program Goals

To provide the latest programs, tools and framework for Ravens’ AA and A teams, players and coaches in the WGHA Ravens program to reach their full potential as athletes, hockey players and people.

To create a pathway from U11 to U22 and beyond in the Ravens organization that supports the highlight level of development and most recent approaches to both hockey and individual training.

HPTP Program Principles

  • HPTP commits to players - commits to their ongoing skills development, evolution as a player and to assisting the young athlete pursue their goals beyond a single game or season - on season and off - on ice and off - from AA teams to the OWHA U22 Elite, USport, NCAA and beyond. We measure our success by the success of our individual athletes.

  • HPTP athletes are “hockey players” rather than people that play hockey. The pursuit of bettering oneself requires a commitment and dedication to all aspects of athleticism and hockey knowledge.

  • HPTP athletes will learn to lead and to participate as a committed team member in a way that demonstrates the very best in athleticism and good sportsmanship.

HPTP Program Commitments

  • HPTP coaches, players, families and participants will demonstrate the highest principles of good sportsmanship, dedication to their sport, coaches, teammates and spectators.    

  • HPTP programs are be designed so as to support athletes in their pursuit of academic excellence in conjunction with hockey.  Competing at the AA/A level requires great time and energy investment and programs designed and scheduled in a way that school and study time is acknowledged is critical.

  • HPTP coaches, trainers and staff will be selected for their professionalism, commitment to hockey and athletic development and personal integrity.

HPTP Team Strategies and Organization

  • HPTP player selection will be jointly coordinated amongst HPTP coaches so as to facilitate future player movement at levels, and encourage player retention over time in the Ravens organization.  HPTP teams are selected in the spring of each season. Players will receive orientation, initial assessments and guidance for summer training as part of looking forward to the fall season.

  • Ice times will be arranged to support maximum opportunities for call-ups for practices between organizations and in games were appropriate. Coaches will maximize this opportunity.

  • The WGHA Ravens organization supports HPTP through administrative support, ice scheduling, deliberative management and oversight and advocacy.  


HPTP Coaches and Program Development and Leadership


Shaun Reagan, Head Coach, UW Waterloo Women’s Hockey

 Dolle Meigs, Associate Coach, UW Waterloo Women’s Hockey

Goalie Coach Advisor(s)             

Past coach: PWHL KW Rangers, Kitchener Dutchmen, Team Ontario U18;USport, OHL

Past: UW Warrior, OWHA Coach with U18/U16            

Advanced goaltending coach in all levels of representative hockey programs

  Andrew Hopf 

Brian Bourque, Head Coach, UW Men’s Hockey / HP2


Andrew Hopf, UW Strength & Conditioning Coach

Past coach: Team Canada (World University Games), NSMHL, OPJHL;B.PhysEd, B.Ed, M.Kin (Coaching)


Past: OHL; Conditioning Coach NHL (St Louis); UW MSc (Kin - Muscle Physiology)

HPTP Hockey Development Coordinator 

Laura Mcintosh  / WGMHA HPTP Hockey Development Coordinator / HP1

Current Coach: PWHPA Head Coach, GTA-West
Past coach: Associate Coach, UW Waterloo Women’s Hockey 
Past player: Team Canada, NCAA (Ohio St), CWHL (Markham)
Founder: LMcIntosh Hockey


Chad Campbell, Waterloo KW-Rangers PWHL Coach, 2018-19 PWHL Coach of the year


2021-22 HPTP Waterloo HPTP Program Coaches

 U18_headshot_coachPrpic.jpeg               crop_snyder.jpeg  Ahlberg_3R7A0638_Novice_B_low_res.jpg 

Joel Prpic, U18 AA Coach

Bryan Snyder, U15 AA Coach

Stephen Ahlberg, U13 AA Coach

[email protected]

 [email protected] 

[email protected]

 Bourque_3R7A8260_PeeWee_AA_low_res.jpg Gaudet_3R7A0707_Bantam_BB_low_res.jpg  James_Craig_Pic.jpg
 Brian Bourque, U18 A (HPTP)  U15 A -Marcel Gaudet  U13 A - James Craig
 [email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected]

2022-23 HPTP Waterloo HPTP Program Coaches

U18 AA - Dave Morrow
U18 A - Darrell Husk
U15AA - Stephen Ahlberg
U15 A - Ryan Cartier
U13 AA - James Craig
U13 A - Craig Haller

HPTP Program Details

Elite Hockey Skills Development

Coordinator:  Laura Mcintosh

Individual, team and group plans relevant to specific positions are being developed now and will be introduced in the 2019-20 season.  Example features of the program being assembled include”

  • 1-on-2 target for selected development coach-athlete sessions for maximum personal feedback

  • Weekly skills sessions with rotating focus on core skills development

  • Integrated drill development planning with coaches and teams to maximize on-ice value

  • Specializations in addition to highly specific goaltender training include:

    • Skating and agility

    • Stick handling and movement

    • Shooting mechanics

    • Scoring tactics

Advanced Hockey Strategy and Tactics  

Coordinator: Shaun Reagan

Individual, team and group plans relevant to specific positions are being developed now and will be introduced in the 2019-20 season.

High Performance Strength & Conditioning

Coordinator: Andrew Hopf

Individual, team and group plans relevant to specific positions are being developed now and will be introduced in the 2019-20 season.

Competitive Athlete Mentors

HPTP works closely with elite local teams and coaches, top current athletes and leaders in and from the region in assembling a group of mentors that can support coaching, team building and individual athletes in their pursuit of hockey achievement.  HPTP teams will look for opportunities to match player development opportunities and needs to mentor capabilities, time and availability. The inaugural set of mentors will be announced ahead of the 2019-20 season.

Position Specific Training & Coaching

Coordinator(s): Brian Bourque and Shaun Reagan with Goalie Coach (TBA)

Individual and group plans relevant to specific positions are being developed now and will be introduced in the 2019-20 season.  These programs will take place in special HPTP training sessions with players from appropriately levels HPTP teams. Drill and routines that are utilized in these HPTP sessions will be made available and integrated into HPTP team plans as well.

  • Forwards / Centres

    • Laura McIntosh (all-time Ohio State scoring leader),

    • UW Assistant Coach (Forward)

    • NHL or USport/NCAA Player Consultant

  • Defence

    • UW Assistant Coach (Defence)

    • NHL or USport/NCAA Player Consultant

  • Goaltending

    • TBA, Goaltending Coach

    • NHL or USport/NCAA Goaltending Consultant

Preliminary Highlights

September kickoff: All-HPTP Goalie Combine hosted by Coach and team. Will include classroom time and on-ice application. Goaltenders who play for the women's program at the University of Waterloo will be involved in this combine event, laying the foundation for their involvement as mentors throughout the season and opportunities for player interactions at practices and development opportunities.

September coaching training - time to include training for all coaches within HPTP that wish to or who are involved with the training of goaltenders. Emphasis on introducing and promoting the importance of practice flow, ongoing assessment and communications towards goaltender development and competitive success.

Goalies: Goal setting and psychology components are crucial in our approach to HPTP as I feel those are paramount to the development process in today's game and would be a welcome addition to the combine component of the development plan for goaltenders.

Individual Assessments & Development Planning

In addition to competitive tryout assessments that will be performed by HPTP AA/A coaches in spring, HPTP coaches will prepare mid-season and postseason assessments of each player to share in assisting with development planning.  HPTP will advise on appropriate programs and make other advisors available to athletes. HPTP coaches work as a team in assisting athletes.

Additionally, combine-style on-ice and off-ice assessments may be used in helping to guide athletes in understanding their capabilities and needs.  HPTP is working with HockeyTech - a leading provider in such assessments in professional and junior leagues worldwide - to develop programs appropriate age and level i the HPTP program.

Finally, athletic goals for each athlete will be taken into account and professional advice will be given towards these - specifically towards playing careers in NCAA, USport, PWHL - taking into account past successes for PWHL and program players and guiding athletes with introductions, seminars, examples, materials and resources.

HPTP Additional Services and Value:

Educational Placement Support

HPTP is committed to assisting in the guidance of players in their careers.  The KW Rangers offer a rich and 1-1 education support program including maintaining a package of current information as a baseline for all parents and families regarding opportunities and processes for interactions with schools.  Our PWHL staff does an excellent job in getting our players happily placed - between informing the parents/players investigating schools and through direct support of our team staff in bridging connections -- all without conferring an added external advisory cost on families.

HPTP understands the importance of creating player profiles each season, and we work with players at BAA and up to develop profile templates - supporting the players in putting these together themselves, and offering advice and insights in thinking about how to present themselves, what their goals are and where they see themselves ending up - a very positive development for the young athletes. We help them get their information together and discuss what they are interested in, what they need to do in terms of contacting different schools, and more. We have example emails and when requested will help them look into schools and programs, proofread their communications to various schools, etc as well. We have found this approach builds rapport between the staff and players and seems to have become much better in impact than having it done through a third party.

HPTP PWHL and U18 AA (and U15 AA optionally) have information for each player at hand (in multiple formats) at all times at games, practices and away tournaments in supporting of scouting opportunities that present themselves.  Additionally team information such as scout roster lists, webpages, profile booklets, are made available when possible.   Our PWHL and U18 AA coaches and staff takes exceptional interest in building and maintaining scout and staff relationships in a way that built the reputation of our team and players amongst the universities. Now this is definitely getting our players looked at and placed in different universities of their choice.

Our PWHL coach spends hours on the phone to the various scouts insuring that we have a good understanding about openings they have and at what ages and positions - and matches players with places they are interested in proactively. Coaches like to speak to players and coaches directly so in this respect we feel that hands-on is a good approach to best assist our players in their goals. Our assistant coaches also have a network of people they know from their playing days who are now scouts and coaches at various universities -- they make contacts for specific players as well and between us we respond to requests for player emails after scouts see specific players at tournaments as well.

HPTP is committed to exposing the Ravens players to the maximum range of schools and scouts through careful selection of “Showcase Tournaments” along with searching out and contacting schools of interest to bring out opportunities for as many players as possible.  In its’ 11 years in the PWHL the KW Rangers have seen 90 players advance to post-PWHL play in USport and US colleges. Of these, 32 advanced to NCAA Div 1, and 54 to USport. At the latest count more than 125 former Ravens players have advanced to college play.

Mentors Resources - Advisory Board for Coaches

The Ravens are pleased to announce the creation of a mentors resource group for HPTP coaches through an advisory board of past and present Ravens coaches, hockey contributors and community leaders.  This advisory board will work closely with the Ravens to insure the latest advances in pursuing high performance female hockey and athletics are being introduced into the organization - from video tools and tech to new approaches and thinking on dryland experiences.   HPTP will continuously seek to improve on its delivery of success in partnership with athletes.

Medical Specialties

Practice & Drill Development

Dryland Strategies: balance, agility

Sports Psychology

Injury prevention and recovery


Conditioning & Weight Training

Team Building Opportunities

Measured Assessment - HockeyTech

Local high-performance athletes - multi-sport

Technology to fit Hockey Problems and Needs

Management & Leadership / Staff

SAT Preparation consulting

University/College career advice

Position mentors

Training mentors

The HPTP Program’s Success Requirements and Criteria

To make HPTP successful, commitment will have to be made at all levels of the WGMHA from Board to LMC to Coach to key roles such as ice scheduling and development staffing and programs.  HPTP programs will by definition have budgets that reflect increase and mandatory expensing on development, additional ice time (scheduled appropriately) and potentially other required differences such as apparel and travel - much of which is customary at AA in any event.   Budget details are yet to be finalized and are subject to 2019 board approval.


  • Team Practices: Proposed at 2 * 1.5 hours of team ice per week.  HPTP resources at practice available per coach plans.

    • Proposed: Practice ice will be on “home game” arena at least 1 time/week with a goal of both.

  • Development Practices: 1 hour of development per week.  Head coaches co-plan development with HPTP staff based on the circumstances for players and team

    • Development practices will vary in focus from specific positional work  to dedicated-ice team development to shared development MAA/MA, MAA/BA, PW/MAA, BAA/BA, PAA/PA during the year in order to maintain freshness and energy.

  • Conditioning and Weight Training - will be scheduled at the start of the year well in advance in partnership with HPTP partners and co-designed with our training advisors in conjunction with coach assessments of players.


  • Athletes will be performance tested in conjunction with HPTP partners as a core part of their yearly journey with the program.  These testing results should show progression and assist in the development and evolution of team programs and individual “at home” and off-ice plans for the year and in the off season.


  • Proposed: The HPTP teams will wear differentiated apparel supporting the aspirational goals of the program. Details will be announced shortly

  • Goals with the Waterloo KW Rangers (PWHL Ravens affiliate)

    • Solidify Waterloo KW Rangers  and HPTP relationships between coaches, management and players.   Coordinate shared branding, shared experiences, frequent opportunities to practice together and learn together.  Shared game and training experience to help HPTP players aspire to PWHL and University level play.


  • Support for non-resident players to HPTP is integral to delivering competitive teams in the LLFHL and OWHA AA and A divisions. Non-resident levels for non-resident opportunities for HPTP teams will be set with a “develop-locally” preference and non-resident allotment by level as is customary in the WGMHA, but this allotment will be addressed during tryouts by the WGMHA in partnership with HPTP AA/A coaches to insure teams have any identified gaps addressed towards a goal of competing at .500-.600 levels minimally to insure competitiveness and room to grow.  The goal of HPTP is to maximize “local” player opportunities and development while remaining competitive in each HPTP team/level.


  • Scheduling for HPTP seasons - games, practices and development ice - as well as dryland conditioning - will be done with ice in a way that advantages HPTP teams and supports their non-resident players.   The main home ice for each HPTP team will also be their primary practice ice

  • Scheduling will be done in concert with HPTP coaches (in the following order) with PWHL/MAA, MAA/BAA and PAA/PA teams so that development opportunities can overlap teams, so players can get a chance to “practice at the next level” and be challenged appropriately.   Of prime importance is coordinating activities so HPTP coaches are familiar with up and coming players through shared practices, off-ice interactions, and shared “Call Up” opportunities.

  • Selection of HPTP players at each level (including non-resident selection) will include input and coordination with all HPTP coaching staff in addition to WGMHA Director of Rep Hockey and Director of Coaching.


  • Ravens Director of Coaching and Director of Rep will work closely with all HPTP coaches and PWHL staff  to get alignment on progressive approaches to style of play, playbooks, drill-sets, terminology and appropriate shared opportunities for skill development beyond what we are getting out of CIF - specifically higher quality development for AA, A.  HPTP players will visit and experience PWHL game events and UW Warrior game events and interact with players and staff as “junior partners” in their respective tier 1 programs at USport and PWHL - giving HPTP players a better sense of commitment and level of play required to advance to those levels.


  • A key goal of HPTP lies in aligning our PWHL and HPTP teams in a way that supports maximum opportunities for Ravens players in our PWHL local team;  We will have appropriately timed practices, overlapping skill sessions where it makes sense, and close partnerships between coaches to enable top players easier movement, game play and practice opptys on the path that makes sense.

  • “Combined Scrimmages” will be arranged where possible between U18AA/U15AA/PWHL and other level combinations through the season - giving players and coaches alike a chance to experience “next level” play and identify HPTP players who are on a path to the next level already.  Invitations to practice “up” will be a frequent occurrence.

  • Coach “coordination and planning” meetings will occur monthly or as-needed for HPTP coaches and leadership



  • HPTP will promote/market our programs as appropriate to make aspirational athletes in our broader region of the opportunity to advance their skills and capabilities with superior coaching and programming.  The program will be promoted online, in arenas, newsletters, newspapers, UW, tournaments.

  • The HPTP program should be supplemented with local off-season development as appropriate to individual athlete needs.  Options will be suggested to athletes that including (but are not limited to) Warriors camps, Laura McIntosh hockey programs, recommended dryland strength and conditioning camps and and more.  HPTP endorsed programs within a 1 hour drive of Waterloo with co-brand with us in advancement of women’s hockey.

  • Emphasis on goaltender development a critical element of all HPTP programs and this is a critical element of our promotion

COACH SELECTION:  Professional, Committed.

  • The WGMHA is committed to will select AA/A coaches committed to HPTP criteria.   The WGMHA is actively seeking to support and develop coaches in the organization for their advancement as well - and is very committed to investing in “non-parent” coaching as much as practicable on all HPTP programs.  Additionally we are actively encouraging coaches “at level” to apply for multi-year appointments.

LOCAL PLAYER RELEASE & RETURNS:  Commitment, Dedication

  • The WGMHA and UW coach partners are investing significant resources into developing the HPTP with an eye to long-term development of players committed to HPTP and discouraging AA/A venue hopping year over year in a way that undermines the goals of HPTP to support local players and non-residents in balance through their careers.  Arrivals that commit and stay are supported to stay year over year as a general rule and continued development “at-level”.

HPTP / Ravens / PWHL KW-Rangers Collegiate Alumni Hall of Fame 2008-2014


Erin Burns, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Natalie Buttinger, NCCA D1 Penn St (Field)

Jenna Sosnoski, USport Brock

Katie Phalen, USport Brock

Alex Jaworski , USport Ottawa

Jessica Sorensen, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Lynsey Schill, ECAC D3 Manh.

Aby Laking, USport, CWHL

Carley Porcellato,USport Ottawa

Katie GreenwayUSport, ZSC Lions

Candice Styles - USport Laurier, CWHL


Tammy Friburger, USport Laurier

Kendra Broad, USport Western

Kaileigh Grant - USport Brock

Katarina Zgraja - NCAA D1 Wisconsin Canada U18

Chelsey Draker, NCAA D3 Oswego

Allison Galloway, USport Western

Olivia Boersen, NCAA D3 Oswego

Jessica Hall, NCAA D1 Maine

Jessica Buttinger, Duke D3

Jessica Paton, NCAA D1 RIT

Jocelyn St Clair, NCAA D3 Oswego

Kaitlin Phelan, USport Brock

Andrea Bowra, USport Western (Rugby)

Sarah MosesNCAA D1 UConn


Kaitlin Doering, NCAA D1 Cornell

Jennifer Gilligan, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Steph Snyder, USport Waterloo (Field)

Molly Contini, NCAA D1 Princeton

Jamie Phelan, NCAA D1 Michigan (Track)

Carly Payerl, NCAA D1 RIT

Brittany Zuback, NCAA D1 Vermont

Ainsley MacMillan, NCAA D1 NrthEastrn

Alisha Sealey, USport Queens

Kelsey MacSorley NCAA D1 Maine

Kristen Nixon, USport Guelph


Amanda McClure, NCAA D1 St Lawrence

Taytum Clairmont, NCAA D1 NrthEastrn

Laken Smith, USport Brock

Natalie Robinson, NCAA D1 Maine

Emma Woods, NCAA D1 Quinnipiac

Emma Leger, USport Laurentian

Laura Deller, USport Laurentian

Amber Sealey, USport Queens



Loren Gabel, NCAA D1 Clarkson / Team Canada

Dollee Meigs, USport Laurier / Waterloo

Jade Gauthier, USport Nippissing

Hannah Davidson, NCAA D1 Minn Mankato

Mary Worndl, USport St. Mary

Taylor Weber, USport Laurentian

Marrisa Ukos, USport Laurentian

Samantha Squires, USport St Thomas


Stephanie Sluys, USport Waterloo

Kendra Puttick, USport Guelph

Jocelyn Lubert, USport St Marys (Lacrosse)

Karleigh Herd, USport Brock

Shea Tiley, NCAA D1 Clarkson

Cohen Myers, USport Laurier

HPTP / Ravens / PWHL KW-Rangers Collegiate Alumni Hall of Fame 2014-present


Megan Johnston, USport UOIT

Sarah Rettinger, USsport Waterloo

Carly AuCoin, USport Laurier

Tailor Campbell, USport UOIT

Megan Fergusson NCAA D1 Merrimack

Lexi TemplemanNCAA D1 R. Morris ALL CHA ROOKIE

Becky Higgs ACHA D1 Adrian Col.

Morgan Bates, USport Laurier


Carley Olivier, NCAA D1 Conn; USport Laurentian


Samantha Burbridge, USport Waterloo

Brooklyn Cole, USport Waterloo

Morgan Dezell, USport Brock

Becky Higgs, USport St Fx


Paige Cohoon, USport Brock OUA ALL ROOKIE

Morgan Rolph, NCAA D1 Penn St

Katy Magoffin, USport Western (Track)

Jocelyn BallantyneUSport Ottawa

Brooke DiCicco, USport Western

Mikayla Schnarr, USport Waterloo


Avery Webster NCAA D1 Oswego

Madi Beishuizen, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Tatum James, NCAA D1 Providence

Skyler Stockie NCAA D1 (Softball)


Kara denHoed, USport Nippising

Sophie Gareau, USport Ottawa

Natania King, NCAA D3St Thomas

Brynn Koocher, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Mikayla Flanagan, USport Brock

Emma Thomas, USport Western

HPTP / Ravens / Alumni Collegiate Hall of Fame


Patti Smith, NCAA D1 Liberty U

Melissa Quinn, USport Waterloo


Jessica Berrigan, USport Laurier


Sarah Wolfe, USport Waterloo

Rachel Harada, USport Western

Kelsey VanderVeen PWHL, USport Carleton

Lauren Coxon PWHL, NCAA D1 Wayne St

Jessica Sorenson PWHL, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Lynsey Schil, PWHL, NCAA D3 Manh.


Haley Baxter, USport Laurier

Bronwyn Stevens, USport Calgary


Nicole Paola, USport Guelph (Field)


Elan Grobe, ACHA D2 Lakehead


Kennedy Bourque USport Waterloo (Track)



Keira Morrow,
University of Detroit Mercy  (Softball)

Please send any omissions to [email protected].  This list is a work in progress and the Ravens are proud to celebrate the successes of our past players!

HPTP / Ravens / PWHL KW-Rangers Team Canada Alumni Hall of Fame

loren gabel on Twitter: "thank you @HC_Women for an amazing 10 days in Austria and Germany! always an honour to wear this jersey! 🇨🇦… " 

Game Photo

   Loren Gabel, 2018, Team Canada  Katarina Zgraja, 2010, Team Canada U18

HPTP Conditioning and Dryland Providers (2019)

Conditioning partners provide specially defined courses to meet the HPTP curriculum designed by HPTP conditioning coordinator Andrew Hopf with consultation with other coaches and coaching advisors. Team variations will be refined with our coordinator’s guidance.

Justin Brooks

Ian Schnarr

Tyler Taylor

HPTP Endorsed Off-Season Training and Development Opportunities

HPTP takes great care to work with local training and hockey development organizations to convey the goals and aspirations of our program.   In addition to our approved providers, the following programs offer an array of supportive programs we encourage our HPTP athletes to explore and utilize outside of the regular season.   

Next Level Performance Training

Andrew Hopf

LMcintosh Hockey

Laura McIntosh

Warrior Sport Camps

Brian Bourque, Shaun Reagan

SHFT Goaltender Development
Jory Elliott

Ravens Clinics


Warrior Coaching Seminars


The WGMHA Ravens are pleased to support our corporate and municipal partners and local organizations in the pursuit of hockey excellence in women’s hockey.   Specific alliances will be arranged with these organizations to insure consistency and development is well coordinated for HPTP players in these programs.


Core HPTP programs are built directly into the budgeting of AA and A teams as separately lines item from general “Representative Hockey Fees” fees and provide a standardization and controlled quality across our selected programs. These programs do not created a team budget that is necessarily larger than past AA/A budgets, but seeks consistency and coordination across teams and are non-optional for all HPTP teams. Expected development and ice costs are a component of this as any normal team would budget, but HPTP teams are kept to a high standard and maintain consistent player experiences and a consistent and progressive approaches to development.


We too are proud to be Warriors - in partnership with the University of Waterloo Warriors through HPTP.

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional service and diverse programming through sport, to enrich the student experience, promote wellness, and inspire all Warriors to reach their full potential.

Vision Statement

Making meaningful impact through the pursuit of excellence.