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Rep Parent Information

  • Try- Outs: Typically occur in the spring and fall of each year.  Unrealistic expectations and unnecessary pressure have the biggest impacts on kids during tryouts. Most of this pressure comes from us as parents. The most beneficial thing we can do for the kids is to support them and have them play at a level where they have the best opportunity to develop.

    • Not all kids can make the team, so be prepared to support them in a positive manner if they don’t

    • Player selections #1 to #12 are always fairly clear and most people would select the same players. #13 to 17 are always difficult as several players will evaluate fairly close. The Coach will make the decision on those players based on factors such as positional play, role player, or coachability.

    • Not everyone will be satisfied with the decisions made. We are all biased to our own needs and wants, whether we are coaches or parents. It is our expectations that coaches at all levels are open to discussions regarding the decisions made. We ask that you are respectful of the coach’s decisions and allow a “cool down” period  of 24 hours for emotional issues prior to approaching a coach.
  • Coaching Commitment: The coaches within the Rep  program make a huge commitment to these teams and will expect the same level of commitment from the parents and players.

  • Ice Allocations: Rep teams are given more ice and it is expected that practices are attended by all team players on a consistent basis.

  • Costs: The cost of rep hockey increases due to the increased amount of ice allotted for each team. There is an additional cost on top of the basic registration fee for this. You should also expect fees to be collected on top of the basic registration fees and rep fees to cover additional ice, tournaments, referees for exhibition games, etc.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: In an effort to keep the fees as low as possible, volunteer roles and some fundraising is required. These will include:
  • Volunteering at the Fall Challenge Cup and USA Canada Cup – all parents are expected to help out at these tournaments in some way either by announcing, playing music, front desk etc. Any family members may help, brothers, sisters, grandparents. This is a huge endeavour and the tournaments cannot be a success without your help.

  • Parents may be asked to be the team manager, trainer, social director etc. It is expected that all parents will help the team in some way.
  •  Family Commitment: Being on a rep team is a huge commitment for coaches, players and parents. Everyone working together can help ensure the experience is a positive opportunity for players to learn, develop skills and have fun.