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WGHA High Performance Training Program (HPTP)

U18AA/A; U15AA/A; U13AA/A; U11AA/A



The WGHA’s HPTP is a program aimed at developing our U18AA/A, U15AA/A, U13AA/A, U11AA/A teams in affiliation with our U22AA (OWHL - elite) programs and external community partners in university athletics, specialized training, conditioning, skating and related skill sets.  


This program is aimed to support teams in delivering high quality development, coaches in increasing their skill sets through training and mentoring from professional resources, and in supporting athletes to reach their goals at U22AA and beyond. 


In 2023-24 we are adding U11AA and U11 Tier 2 to the HPTP program in a modified manner, and similarly support an adapted program for U18A that takes into account the heavy school commitments for players wanting to play highly competitive hockey but without the time demands of AA.


HPTP has six (6) pillars:

Elite Hockey Skills Development

Advanced Hockey Strategy and Tactics

High Performance Strength & Conditioning

Competitive Athlete Mentors

Position Specific Training & Coaching

Individual Assessments & Development Planning


In addition, the HPTP includes Advanced Coach Training - including mentoring, team advice, practice planning, technology guidance, game and bench management training, game assessments and more to all HPTP coaches, and aligns all AA and A Ravens programs around a unified strategy towards advancing players to the correct level at the correct time and encouraging players to always compete at the best of their ability. It is understood that players in HPTP are aspiring to the next level and players will be given opportunities to practice and play as appropriate up to the U22AA level in our association.


Players interested in learning more about the Waterloo Ravens HPTP please contact: Waterloo Ravens’ Hockey Development Coordinator (Laura McIntosh), our Goalie Development Coordinator (Jory Elliott) or our Director of Representative Hockey, or an appropriate HPTP coach.


HPTP Program Goals


To provide the latest programs, tools and framework for Ravens’ AA and A teams, players and coaches in the WGMHA Ravens program to reach their full potential as athletes, hockey players and people.

To create a pathway from U11 to U22 and beyond in the Ravens organization that supports the highlight level of development and most recent approaches to both hockey and individual training.


HPTP Program Principles


  • HPTP commits to players - commits to their ongoing skills development, evolution as a player and to assisting the young athlete pursue their goals beyond a single game or season - on season and off - on ice and off - from AA teams to the PWHL, USport, NCAA and beyond. We measure our success by the success of our individual athletes.


  • HPTP athletes are “hockey players” rather than people that play hockey. The pursuit of bettering oneself requires a commitment and dedication to all aspects of athleticism and hockey knowledge.


  • HPTP athletes will learn to lead and to participate as a committed team member in a way that demonstrates the very best in athleticism and good sportsmanship.

HPTP Program Commitments


  • HPTP coaches, players, families and participants will demonstrate the highest principles of good sportsmanship, dedication to their sport, coaches, teammates and spectators.    


  • HPTP programs are designed so as to support athletes in their pursuit of academic excellence in conjunction with hockey. Competing at the AA/A level requires great time and energy investment and programs designed and scheduled in a way that school and study time is acknowledged is critical.


  • HPTP coaches, trainers and staff will be selected for their professionalism, commitment to hockey and athletic development and personal integrity.


HPTP Team Strategies and Organization


  • HPTP player selection will be jointly coordinated amongst HPTP coaches so as to facilitate future player movement at levels and encourage player retention over time in the Ravens organization. HPTP teams are selected in the spring of each season. Players will receive orientation, initial assessments and guidance for summer training as part of looking forward to the fall season.


  • U22AA, U18 AA, U15 AA practices and ice times will be arranged to support maximum opportunities for call-ups for practices between organizations & in games where appropriate. Coaches will maximize this opportunity.  The same is true in U22 AA/A.


  • The WGHA Ravens organization supports HPTP through administrative support, ice scheduling, deliberative management and oversight and advocacy.  



HPTP Program Leadership


Laura McIntosh - Hockey Development Coordinator, WGHA

Jory Elliot - Goaltending Development Coordinator, WGHA

Chad Campbell - U22AA/Elite Head Hockey Coach



As a reminder to all coaches, families and athletes - the WGHA import policy is defined for players to be encouraged to remain in our centre, to support fielding competitive teams but while balancing local players against modest but incremental imports each year. All players can join the Ravens at U11 or earlier no matter where they live. Players that start with or are playing in the WGHA at U11 or earlier are deemed local players - so there is a real advantage for players seeking a high-performance development program to join our program at or before U11. Import details and all rules pertaining to representative hockey can be found in the Manual of Operations on our website. 


The HPTP is an effort by our association to assist our coaches in delivering a high quality, professionally designed program of training that supports our athletes to reach their goals - typically to play U22AA and earn the opportunity to play in a competitive academic context post-high school.


The leaders of our program are our own Hockey Development Coordinator Laura McIntosh, Our Goalie Development Coordinator Jory Elliott. The program has benefited greatly from advice and guidance from the University of Waterloo Hockey coaching staff led by Brian Bourque and Shaun Reagan, and UW Varsity Strength and Conditioning Coach, Andrew Hopf. These professionals work with our volunteer directors and our volunteer coaches to ensure our programs are delivered at a consistently high and age-appropriate level.


HPTP is a program that will unify the Waterloo Ravens’ U22AA Elite, AA and A representative programs that support our athletes at the top competitive levels of our programs with additional and exceptional coaching, skill development and mentoring opportunities.  All U18, U15 and U13 (and now U11) AA and A - level teams and players will participate in this program and team coaches will work closely with HPTP staff in a way that integrates and evolves with team strategies and coaching needs during the season.


The HPTP has been jointly created in partnership with Laura McIntosh (Hockey Development Coordinator, WGHA), Jory Elliott (Goalie Development Coordinator, WGHA) and the University of Waterloo Warriors coaching, training and athletic staff - bringing the latest advances in the pursuit of sport to bear to create an elite-level program for young female athletes. The U22AA Elite Waterloo Rangers coaches are closely involved in player identification at senior levels, selection, player development and are available to advise HPTP coaches in strategy and training development, and it is intended that all HPTP coaches and staff are mentored by HPTP leaders.


The Ravens are committed to helping players achieve their fullest potential both on and off the ice and while with the Ravens and beyond - with an eye towards potential future goals players might have in the U22AA Elite, USport, the NCAA, ACHA or elsewhere post-Ravens. We strive to bring out the best in every player athletically while instilling core values that will help them in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

HPTP / Ravens / PWHL KW-Rangers Collegiate Alumni Hall of Fame 2008-2014


Erin Burns, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Natalie Buttinger, NCCA D1 Penn St (Field)

Jenna Sosnoski, USport Brock

Katie Phalen, USport Brock

Alex Jaworski , USport Ottawa

Jessica Sorensen, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Lynsey Schill, ECAC D3 Manh.

Aby Laking, USport,CWHL

Carley Porcellato,USport Ottawa

Katie GreenwayUSport, ZSC Lions

Candice Styles - USport Laurier,CWHL


Tammy Friburger, USport Laurier

Kendra Broad, USport Western

Kaileigh Grant - USport Brock

Katarina Zgraja - NCAA D1 Wisconsin Canada U18

Chelsey Draker, NCAA D3 Oswego

Allison Galloway, USport Western

Olivia Boersen, NCAA D3 Oswego

Jessica Hall, NCAA D1 Maine

Jessica Buttinger, Duke D3

Jessica Paton, NCAA D1 RIT

Jocelyn St Clair, NCAA D3 Oswego

Kaitlin Phelan, USport Brock

Andrea Bowra, USport Western (Rugby)

Sarah MosesNCAA D1 UConn


Kaitlin Doering, NCAA D1 Cornell

Jennifer Gilligan, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Steph Snyder, USport Waterloo (Field)

Molly Contini, NCAA D1 Princeton

Jamie Phelan, NCAA D1 Michigan (Track)

Carly Payerl, NCAA D1 RIT

Brittany Zuback, NCAA D1 Vermont

Ainsley MacMillan, NCAA D1 NrthEastrn

Alisha Sealey, USport Queens

Kelsey MacSorley NCAA D1 Maine

Kristen Nixon, USport Guelph


Amanda McClure, NCAA D1 St Lawrence

Taytum Clairmont, NCAA D1 NrthEastrn

Laken Smith, USport Brock

Natalie Robinson, NCAA D1 Maine

Emma Woods, NCAA D1 Quinnipiac

Emma Leger, USport Laurentian

Laura Deller, USport Laurentian

Amber Sealey, USport Queens



Loren Gabel, NCAA D1 Clarkson / Team Canada

Dollee Meigs, USport Laurier / Waterloo

Jade Gauthier, USport Nippissing

Hannah Davidson, NCAA D1 Minn Mankato

Mary Worndl, USport St. Mary

Taylor Weber, USport Laurentian

Marrisa Ukos, USport Laurentian

Samantha Squires, USport St Thomas


Stephanie Sluys, USport Waterloo

Kendra Puttick, USport Guelph

Jocelyn Lubert, USport St Marys (Lacrosse)

Karleigh Herd, USport Brock

Shea Tiley, NCAA D1 Clarkson

Cohen Myers, USport Laurier

HPTP / Ravens / PWHL KW-Rangers Collegiate Alumni Hall of Fame 2014-present


Megan Johnston, USport UOIT

Sarah Rettinger, USsport Waterloo

Carly AuCoin, USport Laurier

Tailor Campbell, USport UOIT

Megan Fergusson NCAA D1 Merrimack

LexiTemplemanNCAA D1 R. Morris ALL CHA ROOKIE

Becky Higgs ACHA D1 Adrian Col.

Morgan Bates, USport Laurier


Carley Olivier, NCAA D1 Conn; USport Laurentian


Samantha Burbridge, USport Waterloo

Brooklyn Cole, USport Waterloo

Morgan Dezell, USport Brock

Becky Higgs, USport St Fx


Paige Cohoon, USport Brock OUA ALL ROOKIE

Morgan Rolph, NCAA D1 Penn St

Katy Magoffin, USport Western (Track)

Jocelyn BallantyneUSport Ottawa

Brooke DiCicco, USport Western

Mikayla Schnarr, USport Waterloo


Avery Webster NCAA D1 Oswego

MadiBeishuizen,NCAA D1 Syracuse

Tatum James, NCAA D1Providence

Skyler Stockie NCAA D1 (Softball)


Kara denHoed, USport Nippising

Sophie Gareau, USport Ottawa

Natania King, NCAA D3St Thomas

Brynn Koocher, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Mikayla Flanagan, USport Brock

Emma Thomas, USport Western

HPTP / Ravens / Alumni Collegiate Hall of Fame


Patti Smith, NCAA D1 Liberty U

Melissa Quinn, USport Waterloo


Jessica Berrigan, USport Laurier


Sarah Wolfe, USport Waterloo

Rachel Harada, USport Western

KelseyVanderVeenPWHL, USport Carleton

Lauren Coxon PWHL, NCAA D1 Wayne St

Jessica Sorenson PWHL, NCAA D1 Syracuse

Lynsey Schil, PWHL, NCAA D3 Manh.


Haley Baxter, USport Laurier

Bronwyn Stevens, USport Calgary


Nicole Paola, USport Guelph (Field)


Elan Grobe, ACHA D2 Lakehead


Kennedy Bourque USport Waterloo (Track)



Keira Morrow,
University of Detroit Mercy(Softball)

Please send any omissions to [email protected]. This list is a work in progress and the Ravens are proud to celebrate the successes of our past players!

HPTP / Ravens / PWHL KW-Rangers Team Canada Alumni Hall of Fame

loren gabel on Twitter: "thank you @HC_Women for an amazing 10 days in Austria and Germany! always an honour to wear this jersey! 🇨🇦… "

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Loren Gabel, 2018, Team Canada Katarina Zgraja, 2010, Team Canada U18