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2016-17 Year in Review

What happens when over 600 players and 1200 parents get together in September of each year.   

Let me tell the story

Well it actually begins in January with Coaching Selection, Spring-Try outs, Fall Try-outs, and Fall Evaluations preseason exhibition games and the like...

Once through all of that we then come up with

·       41 amazing teams (Learn to Skate through to KW Rangers)

·       41 passionate, skilled Coaches

·       41 dedicated, caring Coaching Staffs putting in 10,000+ hours over the course of the season

·       Over 1000 hockey games played and numerous hours in practice time

·       Countless hours of volunteer time from parents, siblings, grandparents and friends to help

·       Three successful tournaments – Fall Challenge Cup, US Canada Cup and the Waterloo Cup

Resulting in an outstanding year for all involved!

I don’t want to steal the thunder from the Directors who will go into more detail regarding the accomplishments of our players this past season. Please take a look at the AGM Directors Presentations.

Accomplishments are measured not by wins alone. More importantly are player development, having fun and enjoying the sport of hockey are the key measures of our success.

I think you will see that we have accomplished all four over the season.

The Sport of Female Hockey continues to grow. Our numbers as an Association are holding steady. Our healthy rivalry with the surrounding associations continues. We learn from each other, share with each other and try to find ways to work together all for the betterment of our sport.

We are seeing more Ravens continue playing hockey after they have graduated high school. Many are playing intramural hockey and or varsity hockey at University or College.

For the first time, we will have three Senior Teams playing as Ravens for 2017-18. Many of the players are Ravens who have returned home after completing their post secondary education.

In addition, we have a number of returning Ravens either as Head Coaches or Assistant Coaches for our Rep and House League teams next season.

Truly a testament to what its all about!

Moving Forward

Unfortunately bullying continues to be a problem not only for our Association but for the sport in general. Raising awareness and helping coaches, players and volunteers address the issues before they get out of hand will be a key focus for the Board this coming season.

Concussion management continues to be issues. Recognition and encouraging safe return to play practices have been well supported by players, parents and coaches. We have had requests to repeat the Concussion training we provide a number of years ago. As well coping Stay tuned for more details.

Player and Coaching Development will be a focus for us next season again. Key to the success of our organization is encouraging players to grow, develop and want to continue playing hockey. In order for our players to grow and thrive, we also must invest time and energy into developing and supporting our coaching staffs. We have had a number of individuals step up to be part of our Development Committee and we look forward to their thoughts and ideas.

As you know we have just completed our 16th year. Our vision, mission and values continue to serve us well. It is time however to take a look at our strategic direction and where we want to head over the next three to five years.

Your Board is looking forward to leading our strategic planning process over the course of the next season.  We look forward to hearing from players, parents, coaches and other supporters the ideas and suggestions you have to move us to the next level.

The Board

Keeping an Association moving forward takes many hands.  As a volunteer run organization many, many, many hours given graciously above and beyond everyone’s “day job”.

Over the course of the season challenges do come up as we all know.  Each challenge was addressed as quickly as possible always keeping in mind what’s in the best interest of the players as a whole.

A heart felt thank you to the 2016-17 Board of Directors many of whom had taken on their roles for the very first time. Did we get everything right, no. Were our intentions positive – yes. Did we give it our best as volunteers – ABSOLUTELY.

My heartfelt thanks to Robert, Pat, Andy, Laura, Peter, Susan, Geoff, Rick, Kevin, Jen and Sally for always giving your best “For the Kids, For Game, For the Fun of It”.

Special thank you as well to our terrific “behind the scenes” support-

Kelly Barton – Ice Scheduler; Janis Eden- Bookkeeper; Lynn Mrakrava- Admin Assistant; Shad Lusted- Web Master; Kevin Matsui- HL Convenor and Vickie Hennig- Tournament Registration. You all are what keeps this Association going.

2016-17 is now behind us, planning is well underway for 2017-18.

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you back in September!


Sandra Hanmer

President WGMHA

“For the Kids, For the Game, For the Fun”




KW Rangers PWHL Team
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