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The Story Behind the Song

"I've been producing music professionally as a side gig to my real job for the last 15+ years and had the opportunity to produce a song for a Nike commercial a few months ago with recording artist JD Era that features Montreal Canadiens PK Subban and Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson. The commercial focuses on hard work, dedication, never giving up, etc, etc. A great message for our young athletes to follow.


Once the commercial began airing on TV my daughter started asking me to play it in the car on the way to practices and games (She's on Atom Ravens 1)... Until I finally put it on her iPod so she could listen to it at her own convenience. She told me that "it got her excited before games".  This is when the idea came to me.. "Why not create a custom version of the song for the Ravens so ALL of the kids can listen to the song before games and practices?".


So last week I brought JD Era back to the studio and had him add some custom vocals.  You'll hear the "Water Water Water ... Loo Loo Loo" chant twice in the song... and he also added the Ravens team name in the chorus of the song.


My daughter is super excited about this song and we hope you can get the same use out of it as she is. How many hockey teams have their own theme song??


I've attached the song to this email in hopes that you share it with your teams and players... maybe we can even get it playing in the rinks before games. The possibilities are endless!



Feel free to pass it around!"



Go Ravens!



Jonathon Pitman